Having a baby is a huge responsibility and not every woman wants to take up that responsibility. This article is all the information you would need if you require contraceptive pills, Singapore.

There are many places one can find these pills but for proper information about contraceptive pills singapore, you’ve come to the right place.


Hormonal birth control comprises methods of contraception that release some hormones into a woman’s body, which prevent ovulation. One method, probably one of the most common methods, is birth control pills.


Birth control pills are of two types:

  •       21-DAYS PILLS.

These pills are the general 21-days pills, which as the name suggests, a woman has to take for 21 days each month and then not take it for the other 7 days. The hormones released by the pill create an environment in the uterus that prevents the egg from fertilizing.

These pills are considered 99% effective, provided that they aren’t missed even a single day. You can start taking these pills any day of the month.

If regularity is ensured, the pills work effectively. It is advised to women who are above 35 or who smoke, to not take these pills.


Popularly known as, “morning-after pill”, an emergency pill is not a regular form of contraception. It is taken after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Their effectiveness descends as the time of intercourse passes. It is advised to take them as soon after sex as possible.

Contraception comes in many shapes and forms, and pills are common, so many people decide to go for them without any help. Though it can be done, it is highly advised that you consult a professional before taking these pills and save yourself trouble.

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