Asian massage in Prague – nuru, tantra or Thai? Learn the difference between each

Ever thought about trying some of the Asian massages in Prague? Well, if you are – or have been there, you sure couldn’t have missed the ubiquitous advertisements luring people to receive some Asian rubdowns themselves. But what are those exactly? This article might help you orient yourselves in this topic with a bit more ease.

Asian massages in Prague – be sure to distinguish between the erotic and non-erotic ones

When talking about these procedures, it is important to draw the dividing line between the erotic and non-erotic ones. Always make sure you know what each of the salons provides so that you won’t embarrass yourselves by asking for a “happy ending” at a regular rubdown parlour. Most of the salons offering a “happy ending” will make it known, so do your research beforehand!

With that said, these are basically the three most popular Asian rubdowns in Prague

  •   Tantric
  •   Nuru
  •   Thai

Let’s dive right in it and analyse each one and its potential merits!

Tantra massage became a staple brand of pleasure

Perhaps the most famous Asian massage. It is an offshoot of a broader system of Tantra, which has its ancient origins in India.You can learn more about tantra here. This kind of rubdown you might be about to embark on is, however, somewhat different.

  •   Contemporary tantric rubdown has been developed in the 2nd half of the 20th century and is actually an amalgam of the traditional Indian procedures, as well as the modern physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic influences.
  •   Its purpose is not just to provide a physical relaxation, but also an emotional one. Intimate, caring touches and caresses, as well as the proper atmospheric setting are the cornerstones of this procedure.
  •   Depending on a given salon, it can get sexual and involve a happy ending, or stop short of it – either way, it is unlikely one would leave disappointed afterwards.
  •   In addition to physical relaxation and stress relief, it is said to boost self-confidence and libido and to contribute to long-term mood improvement

If you wish for something a bit more steamy, then nuru is the way to go

The so-called nuru massage was invented in Japan sometime during the 1950’s and is a perfect example of Japanese ingenuity. It’s been dubbed the “sex without sex” for a good reason.

  •   Nuru involves a close contact between the naked bodies of you and your masseuse.
  •   It consist of a variety of techniques – rubbing, grinding against and sliding up and down your body, as well as many touches and strokes, which produce a maximally pleasurable effect.
  •   A special slippery seaweed gel is used, which makes the mutual body contact go smooth as silk. This gel is transparent, odourless, doesn’t stain and is easily washable with water.
  •   Nuru is highly erotically charged and typically involves the “happy ending”. You won’t probably be able to experience it outside specialised erotic parlours.

Choose a Thai option if you’d prefer to keep it cool at first

Though a relative newcomer to the western world, Thai massage has actually been practiced for hundreds, if not for thousands of years in Buddhist circles. It even made it to the UNESCO world heritage list!

  •   Since it can be performed while fully clothed, it could be a good choice if you’re a bit shy. Of course, an erotic variations of Thai rubdowns exist as well, but generally, this is a non-sexual rubdown.
  •   Passive stretching, pulls and pressure applied along the energy lines on your body is the hallmark of this procedure. The therapists might use even their legs, elbows and knees to stretch you.
  •   It offers stress relief and muscle and joint relaxation in perhaps the most efficient way of all the three massages mentioned here.

So, these were the three most popular Asian massages you can treat yourself to in Prague. Hopefully, you can now make a more informed choice!

Which of these massages would you personally choose and why? Would you prefer to keep your procedure non-erotic or would you dare to try the “happy ending” variation? Leave a comment!

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